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The objective of this program at CIU is to develop advanced competence in the study of Science and technology from a historical and social scientific perspective. Student are expected to develop progressive mastery of the field of business management, science and information technology. They must also master the underling concepts in science and technology that relate to their specific field of interest. The science and technology program at CIU focus on health science, environmental science, information technology and telecommunication.

Master of Science  in Environmental Policy and Management

Master of Science in Environmental Sustainability and Compliance Management

Master of Science in Environmental Compliance and Waste Management

Master of Science in Health Care Administration

Master of Science in Public Health Management

Master of Science in Management Information Systems

Master of Science in Cyber Security

Master of Science in Project Management

Master of Science in Telecommunication Systems

Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Policy and Management

Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Sustainability and Compliance Management

Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Compliance and Waste Management

Doctor of Philosophy in Health Care Administration

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Management

Doctor of Philosophy in Management Information Systems

Doctor of Philosophy in Cyber Security

Doctor of Philosophy in Project Management

Doctor of Philosophy in Telecommunication Systems