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  • Every university has its rules for transferring credits. Therefore, credits from one university may transfer to a university, but the same credits may not transfer to another. 
  • Transfer credits from another higher institution may be used for admission requirements.
  • Students may transfer courses from other programs or institutions to Cavalla International University.  A comprehensive evaluation of all transcripts will be conducted and thereafter, the registrar’s office will determine how many credits are transferable.
  • In order to have courses evaluated students should present their transcripts along with course descriptions to the registrar’s office.
  • Undergraduate Students can transfer up to 68 credits, while graduates students may transfer up to 15 credits and law school students up to one year of course work.
  • Graduate students may enroll in a concurrent Master and Doctoral program. In such case, all the credits from the master’s degree program will transfer to the doctoral program.