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AAFM  Certifications are globally recognized. Certifications in Financial Analysis, Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Risk Management, and Economics.

Cavalla International university has a joint partnership with the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM) to offer the following certification:

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1. CWM Chartered Wealth Manager - Also known as the: CWM Chartered Certified Wealth Manager  Designation - USA and EU Community Trademarks Registered - Apply Now

2. AFA Accredited Financial Analyst   - Apply Now

3. AMA Accredited Management Accountant  - Apply Now

4. MFP Master Financial Planner - Charter Designation and Board Certification - Apply Now 

5. CPM Certified Chartered Portfolio Manager - Apply Now

6. CAM Certified Chartered Asset Manager - Apply Now

7. CMA Chartered Market Analyst   - Financial Analyst Designate - Apply Now

8. CCA Chartered Compliance Analyst - Apply Now

10. CAMC Certified Anti-Money Laundering Consultant - Apply Now

11. CAPA Certified Asset Protection Analyst - Apply Now

12. RFS Registered Financial Specialist - Apply Now 

13. MMC Management Consultant Professional and Accredited Management Consultant - Apply Now

14. CTS Certified Transfer Pricing Specialist  - Apply Now

15. MPM Master Project Manager  Legal Analyst - Apply Now

16. CITA Certified International Tax Analyst - Apply Now

17. RBA Registered Business Analyst - Apply Now

18. CTEP Chartered Trust and Estate Planner - Apply Now

19. CCC Certified Cost Controller - Apply Now

20. CEC Certified E-Commerce Consultant - Apply Now

21. CCA Certified Credit Analyst - Apply Now

22. CCE Certified Corporate Economist - Apply Now

23. CCO Certified Compliance Officer - Apply Now

24. CMA Certified Marketing Analyst - Apply Now

25. ChMA Chartered Mortgage Analyst - Apply Now

26. CHRA Certified Human Resources Analyst - Apply Now

27. CITA Certified International Tax Analyst - Apply Now

28. CRA Certified Risk Analyst - Apply Now

29. MFC Master Financial Controller - Apply Now

30. RFA Registered Financial Analyst - Apply Now

31. RWM Registered Wealth Manager - Apply Now

32. RWM Registered Wealth Manager - Apply Now

33. CCA Certified Contract Administrator - Apply Now 

34. CET Certified Estate Planner - Apply Now 

35. CITA Certified International Tax Adviser - Apply Now

36. CFCS Certified Financial Crime Specialist - Apply Now

37. CP Certified Paralegal - Apply Now 

38. CSBC Certified Small Business Consultant - Apply Now

39. CP Certified Entrepreneur - Apply Now 

40. CFA Certified Forensic Accountant - Apply Now

41. CPM Chartered Pension Manager or CPS Certified Pension Specialist - Apply Now

42. CPAM  Chartered Pension Analyst Manager   - Apply Now 

43. CEPS Certified Education Planning Specialist   - Apply Now

44.CMFMP Certified Municipal Finance Management Practitioner - Apply Now

45. CCMFMA Chartered Certified Municipal Financial Management Accountant - Apply Now

46. CCFMA Chartered Certified Public Finance Management Accountant - Apply Now

47. Chartered Certified Insurance Professional (CCIP) - Apply Now

48. Chartered Certified International Banker (CCIB) - Apply Now

Certification Requirements:

  1. Degree Education with a relevant major or minor in finance or management.
  2. Experience: 3 Years of related work.
  3. Accredited Degree from an accredited or governmental recognized program.
  4. Continuing Education
  5. Ethics - agree to the ethics requirements of the Society.

* All certifications marks are owned and licensed by their respective distributors.  IBS LLC owns the marks for AMA, AFA, AFC, MMC and CWM Chartered Certified Wealth Manager

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