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As Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs of Cavalla International University, I welcome you to this enduring learning institution that is deeply committed to providing excellence in delivering quality, relevant, and globally competitive educational experiences through high levels of interaction, discussion, research, information sharing, and academic engagements.  

Cavalla International University is an institution of higher learning that brings education right at everyone’s doorstep all over the world.  It offers undergraduate and graduate programs designed to produce intelligent, competent, and highly marketable graduates who would be life-long learners and effective leaders and catalysts of change.  

The Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs ensures an academic process that is value-oriented, efficient, effective, innovative, and most of all learner-centered.  There are two options for the students: (1) to register in the regular program and finish it within the time frame specified or (2) to register in the accelerated program in the American Accelerated University and complete the program at a shorter period.   Whichever path a student may take, the academic affairs ensures that the student gets global and excellent education that are handled by competent faculty force who are scholars in their own field of specialization.   Students are provided opportunities to ensure that they appreciate and value experiential and service learning.   As you are a person wanting to become an enduring leader and to make a difference in this world, you have made the best choice.  Cavalla International University is indeed the right educational environment for you.  

Welcome to Cavalla International University.

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Cavalla International University/American Accelerated University