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The Graduate School supports Cavalla International University’s mission in developing professional competence and promoting responsible citizenship in its students. As part of the mission of CIU's Graduate School, faculty members emphasize mentoring and motivating out graduate students to excel through rigorous training and research. The University recognizes the need to educate our nation's students to become creative and critical thinkers, so that they can maximize their potential and become contributing stewards of their local and global environment. The Graduate School offers Academic Doctorate (Ph.D.) and Professional or Applied Doctorate as well as Master of Science degrees in several areas of Business and Administration, Education, Health Care, Law, Technology and Communications, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences. Our goal is to prepare graduate students ready to enter higher levels of education or enter the workforce and to promote sustained professional development in all students and faculty. 

  Boakai K. Robertson, Ph.D
 VP Institutional Advancement
 Dean of Graduate School