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The Master of law (LL.M) degree program is an advance law program. It is a research program that is designed for students with a Juris Doctor (JD) degree, LLB or its equivalent. The LLM is a post graduate degree which requires 24 semester credits hours for completion. It is a one-year program. The degree is designed to help develop specialized expertise in one of their desire field of study. Students conduct their studies through series of research, which help them to develop broad base original ideas for their final thesis. Students are required to write at least 20,000 words (excluding citations) research thesis.  Throughout the program students are required to stay in close contact with their faculty mentor(s).

Master of Law (LLM) - 24 credits

LLM 8000 Foundation of Graduate studies (1)

LLM 8010 Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis I (5)

LLM 8020 Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis II (5) 

LLM 8030 Advanced Mixed-Methods Reasoning and Analysis (5)

LLM 8040 Practice/Practicum (3)

LLM 8850 Thesis (5)

Note: All graduate students with LLM or MLS are eligible to enroll in the Doctor of Science in Law degree (JSD) program. Students can also enroll in the programs concurrently. Students enrolled in the concurrent LL.M/J.S.D. will have their completed semester credits count towards the 65 required semester credits for the JSD.