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The study of law is one of the most exciting experience a student can achieve academically. Barclay College of Law at Cavalla International University provides a well-rounded and solid legal educational program for the students throughout their entire stayed at the college. This helps the students to develop strong intellectual legal minds and to be confident as they develop and polish their legal skills. The atmosphere at the law college is cordial and respectful, which takes into consideration the extraordinary global community of the university. The program covers the core principles, theory, concept, and legal skills while placing strong emphasis on thorough research, theory, practice, and many hands-on activities to engage the minds of students. Our faculty provide many practical examples and demonstrations to help students develop independent research, writing and legal abilities.

The Juris Doctor requires 108 credits for completion. Students have the option to complete the program in 2-3 years. General courses, which may be altered are listed below:

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First – Year program:

First year students entering the program are required take the following courses:

LAW 6000 Introduction to Law, Legal Research and Writing - 6

LAW 6005 Contracts - 6

LAW 6010 Criminal Law – 6 

LAW 6015 Torts – 6

LAW 6020 Civil Procedure – 6

LAW 6025 Criminal Procedure – 6

Second Year Program: 

LAW 6030 Real Property - 6

LAW 6035 Constitutional Law – 6

LAW 6040 Evidence – 6

LAW 6045 Corporate and Business Law - 6

LAW 6050 Wills, Trusts & Estates - 6

LAW 6055 Remedies - 6 

Third Year Program:

LAW 6060 Conflict of Law/International Law - 6

LAW 6065 Administrative Law - 6

LAW 6070 Professional Responsibility - 6

LAW 6075 Practical Skills (select an elective) - 6

LAW 6080 Immigration Law (or another elective) - 6

LAW 6085 Federal Courts - 6

Note: The Law School encourages students to engage in their third year in a capstone learning experience: advanced seminars, clinical practice, and writing projects that call on students to use the full extent of their knowledge, skills, and methodological tools in a field to address the most interesting and complicated legal problems of today.

Third year Students may elect to take any of the courses below or take additional courses from the courses listed below. Interested students should confer with their mentors before making such decision. 

LAW 6085 Family Law – 6

LAW 6090 Intellectual Property - 6

LAW 6095 International Law – 6

LAW 7000 Security Law - 6

LAW 7005 Bankruptcy Law -6

LAW 7010 Legal Practice Management/Professional Skills - 6

LAW 7030 Immigration Law – 6

LAW 7035 Environmental Law – 6

LAW 7040 Patent Law – 6

LAW 7045 Worker’s Compensation Law - 6