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This program provides variety of interdisciplinary degree options for students. Students have the options to enroll in any degree programs related to humanities, Social Sciences and the Natural Sciences. That means students of this program have the option to design and enroll in a degree program that fit their career goals, in collaboration with the students’ faculty.  Students have the option to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy degree, Doctor of Psychology degree and, or a Doctor of Science degree. The Doctor of Philosophy degree is a research-based program. while the Doctor of Psychology and Doctor of Sciences degrees are both capstone programs.

Programs and Fields of Study:

 Doctor of Philosophy in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies
 Doctor of Philosophy in African and African American Studies
 Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science & Sustainability
 Doctor of Philosophy in Environment Science and Management
 Doctor of Philosophy in Gender and Development
 Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Studies
 Doctor of Philosophy in Agribusiness Management
 Doctor of Philosophy in Agribusiness Management and Policy
 Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Psychology and Leadership
 Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations and Diplomacy
 Doctor of Philosophy in International Peace and Dispute Resolution
 Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice Systems
 Doctor of Philosophy in Gender Studies
 Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology
 Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology
 Doctor of Philosophy in Social Works
 Doctor of Philosophy in Gender and Development Studies