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The Doctor of philosophy in Engineering is the most advance qualification that a student can possess in the engineering and technology industry. The program is intensive, it prepares students be well rounded and to develop theory and practical understanding of the course. Upon completion, graduates of the programs will be qualified to teach at a higher institution, competent to be industry leaders and to contribute to their communities academically and professionally. The program provides in depth skills, knowledge, up to date knowledge of current practices and effective research skills. The research work and practice acquired by the students will prepare them to be well grounded and rounded for any future professional research projects. Other doctoral degrees that are offered in the programs include the Doctor of Engineering and Doctor of Science degrees.

Programs and Fields of Study:

 Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering
 Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering
 Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering
 Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering
 Doctor of Philosophy in Management Engineering
 Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering
 Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology
 Doctor of Philosophy in Management Information Systems
 Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science
 Doctor of Philosophy in Cyber Security
 Doctor of Civil Engineering
 Doctor of Chemical Engineering
 Doctor of Mechanical Engineering
 Doctor of Electrical Engineering
 Doctor of Management Engineering
 Doctor of Industrial Engineering
 Doctor of Information Technology
 Doctor of Management Information Systems
 Doctor of Computer Science
 Doctor of Cyber Security
 Master of Science in Civil Engineering
 Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
 Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
 Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
 Master of Science in Management Engineering
 Master of Science in Industrial Engineering
 Master of Science in Information Technology
 Master of Science in Management Information Systems
 Master of Science in Computer Science
 Master of Science in Cyber Security