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The Graduate School of the Cavalla International University offers two types of Doctorate:

1. Academic Doctorate (PhD)
2. Professional or Applied Doctorate (“Doctor of”)

The PhD programs are geared towards intensive training and research to have deep understanding of the academic concepts that provide the theoretical groundwork for field studies.  PhD students are required to write and defend their dissertation to complete their program.  Holders of PhD degree would be able to demonstrate their ability to use research skills to create new knowledge that contributes to the research and theory in a field.   

The Graduate School of Cavalla International University also offers Professional or Applied Doctorate or “Doctor of” degrees which are generally geared towards achieving competence in the professional application of the academic theories.   Professional Doctorate students are required to write and defend their doctoral capstones to complete their programs.  Holders of a professional doctorate would be able to demonstrate the ability to evaluate, synthesize, and apply knowledge in their chosen field.