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As members of the Board of Trustees, we would like to welcome you to Cavalla International University. Our team is composed of highly qualified professionals with diverse background, including business, education, law, news media, medical and finance. As CIU Board of Trustees, we are collectively responsible for the university's governance, and as a result, this assembly is integral to determining how the university meets the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Our body as Trustees plays a key role in overseeing fiscal, academic, and physical operations. We also provide leadership for CIU strategic initiatives - all of which are designed to enhance the academic and students learning experience. This is an innovative time in our history and all students are encouraged to take this journey of creativity of our dynamic online learning experience with us 

Cavalla International University Board of Trustees

Dr. Frank Williams, PhD


Dr. Clifford Frank, PhD


Thomas Carden, JSM


Dr. Beatrice Bischof, PhD


Sam Okpuno, JSD


Advisory Board Member

The Trustees may contact the Advisory members for academic and general guidance. 

Teama Embaye, DC

Dr. George Mentz, JD, MBA

Lincoln Gomez, JD, LL.M

Dr. Anthony Woart, PhD

Cavalla International University Executive Leadership

Dr. Horatius Williams, MBA, JD, LLM

President and Chancellor 

Elizabeth Enonario-Carbajosa, EdD

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Raquel Dela Cruz Williams, MBA

Vice President for Administration and Finance Sec. of the Board 

Dr. Hammed Massaley

Vice President of Student Affairs 

Dr. Morris Koffa

Vice President for Research, Extension Education, and Development 

Dr. Boakai K. Robertson

Vice President of Institutional Advancement  

Dr. Beatrice Bischof

Public Relations Advisor

Cavalla International University Academic Leadership

Dr. Boakai K. Robertson

Dean, Graduate School  

Dr. Ciro Martinez II, MBA, JD, LLM

Dean, Barclay College of Law  

Dr. Tabitha Briggs, MSN, DNS

Program Director
College of Health and Sciences  

Dr. Abebayehu Yilma

Dean, Undergraduate Studies  

Mandakini Sharma

Program Director
College of Arts and Sciences 

Myth Carbajosa, Med, PhD (Candidate)

Program Director
College of Education and Human Development  

Mario Carbajosa, MA Tech

Program Director, College of Engineering and Technology 

Our Office of Admissions and Enrollment

Roseann S. Williams, BA

Director of Enrollment and Admissions  

Hawah S. Massaley, MS

Register Agent and Assistant Director of Admissions  

Raisa A. Padilla

Assistant Director of Enrollment and Admissions  

Majorie Fabrez Ramos


Office of Information Technology and Social Media

Randy Joseph Paje, MIT, LPT

Chief Technology Officer  

Antriksh Sharma

Social Media Marketing