The university uses research and independent studies as the primary methods of teaching. Students use traditional books, journals, peer-reviewed articles or journals and the vast research resources offered by the internet.


The Faculty and students at the university are independent thinkers and often freely write, express their professional and personal opinions, which may be based on their life experiences. The university does not ascribe or seek to follow a particular status code as many traditional universities do. Therefore, the university does not seek to be like any other university in style, shape or any form. The only goal and purpose that motivates the university is to provide excellent education and to ensure that students become experts of their area of specialization at the end of their academic studies. With this viewpoint, the university only seeks scholars that are highly motivated and independent thinkers, but do not desire to be controlled by a particular entity or the academic world, and are eager to learn freely and to contribute to society or the academic community through academic research, writing and professional thinking.


It is important that students before conducting research for any particular course receive prior approval from their professor or faculty mentor. Such approval is only compulsory for certain courses and not those which falls or is a requirement in the program in which they are enrolled.


The university allows students to have flexibility in conducting their research and the taking of courses. This is done bearing in mind the schools fervent desire to equip students with a high level of education at an affordable cost and to do so without theinconvenience of having to attend daily classes.