Master of Management and Science Course Description 

The Master of Management and Science program is designed to provide advance knowledge, skills and practical assimilation of the knowledge needed to be successful managers and leaders in the business and Science Communities. The research skills and knowledge acquired through the program allow students to be prepared for the challenges and competition associated with the business and science industries. The research work and practice acquired by the students prepared them to be well grounded and rounded for their profession and to get up to date knowledge of these industries. 

Public Policy and Administration - Select 7 Core courses below and 5 required courses for the management program 36 Credits

OPPA 7000 Introduction to Public Policy and Administration (3)

This course is basically a research degree fabricated to develop qualified researchers and teachers to undertake sophisticated research in public policy and public administration with an Asian-Pacific perspective. This program aims to train the next generation of professionals for the public service in the region. This subject will possess the skills to delve into complex administration and policy issues and create organizational conditions that enable public and non-profit organizations to achieve their public policy objectives. 

PPA 7010 Public Budgeting and Finance (3)

This program is tailored to the needs of the HR professional and offers a solid managerial base to others who take on the challenge of managing a workforce. This course helps to develop coaching skills and learn business principles and management techniques that you can put to use immediately to enhance your career and your competitiveness. This subject provides knowledge pertaining to the major issues in human resource management.

PPA 7020 Political Environment and Policy Making (3)

This program teaches political environment and policy making in depth. This program is designed for mid-career professionals and university graduates who want to further develop or prepare for careers in international affairs. This module provides conceptual knowledge and in-depth understanding of global and Asia Pacific affairs to meet the challenge of a globalizing world.

PPA 7030 Public Management and Administration (3)

This program teaches assessment of historical and current normative and descriptive theories of public Management and administration. This theory elaborates issues of taxation, expenditure; national debt, international public finance, and development finance are explored in the framework of economic growth/stabilization, distribution and equity. This program focuses on trends in policy inquiry, policy analysis and evaluation, and policy formation and implementation. This module teaches fundamental concepts necessary for advanced statistical analysis of public affairs research. 

PPA 7040 Public Policy Process (3)

This course discusses the process involves in making policy and the various players and actors.  It traces the dynamics of the policy making process including the triggering of issues, the public agenda, the formation of a policy commitment, and the implementation process that translates policy in practice.

PPA 7050 The Urban Experience (3)

The course provides a fresh approach to the study of metropolitan areas by combining economic principles, social insight and political realities with an appreciation of public policy to understand how U.S. Cities and Suburbs are formed in the twenty first century. This course is grounded in the real life experiences. 

PPA 7060 Strategic Planning and Decision (3)

The course discusses a global approach to the issues administrators need to examine when managing a group of employees at any level (budgeting and expenditures, forecasting, policy creation and execution, communication and reporting). It explores the driving forces in organizational decision making and structure. It delves into risk management issues, and offers a set of tools that can be use used by administers to make informed decision based on actual data or documented process