Master of Management and Science Course Description 

The Master of Management and Science program is designed to provide advance knowledge, skills and practical assimilation of the knowledge needed to be successful managers and leaders in the business and Science Communities. The research skills and knowledge acquired through the program allow students to be prepared for the challenges and competition associated with the business and science industries. The research work and practice acquired by the students prepared them to be well grounded and rounded for their profession and to get up to date knowledge of these industries. 

Public Health Policy and Management Select 7 Core courses below and 5 required courses from the management program 36 Credits

PHP 7000 Public Policy Analysis (3)

The course will present students with a structured overview of policy studies: a schematized representation of major approaches in the field. The main aim of this course is to provide you with a solid introduction to some of the major theoretical approaches to public policy. The course will explain differences between approaches, strengths and weaknesses, as well as debates between schools of thought and the students will also be able to create the schematic representation of the field, as its basic premises are being questioned.

PHP 7010 U.S. Health Care Delivery System (3)

This course describes the structure and function of the various private and public health care entities within the United States. The program will prepare the students to identify and describe the functions of common health organizations and associations and also compare and contrast the cost, quality and access of health care in various industrialized and non - industrialized nations. And at the same time it will make them capable to define and explain the major individual, cultural and national principles that govern the provision of health care services. 

PHP 7020 Organizational Development and Leadership (3)

The program is a cohort-based program where students learn the skills of consulting through experiential activities in a laboratory-type setting. The course will provide the students with opportunities for face-to-face sessions, online discussions, voice, and video conferencing. The cohort environment provides a safe laboratory-type setting enabling students to experiment with and practice new behaviors and to ask for and receive feedback from students and faculty on the impact of their actions.

PHP 7030 Health policy (3)

The course will introduce you to concepts, elements, policy analysis processes and outcomes of public policy making in general and health policy making in particular. Special emphasis is placed on the critical role of healthcare managers in the policy making arena. The students will also get the opportunity to participate in a simulated policy community as you apply your policy analysis knowledge to a major current health care policy issue in the country.

PHP 7040 Health Care Financial Management (3)

This course will provide students with both a macro overview of the principal financial mechanisms in place across the U. S. health care industry and specific insights into the critical issues the industry currently faces. The course is aimed at finance staff and managers at different stages of their careers and with varying levels of knowledge and experience. It will also provide students with a foundation in the use of financial tools and methodologies that will enable them to better understand the health care financial literature. Special emphasis is given to discuss budgetary processes and politics, as well as resulting policies

PHP 7050 Health Law and Ethics (3)

The course examines major ethical and legal concepts and their impact on public health. The students will be told to apply theoretical knowledge presented in the course to critically appraise contemporary legal and ethical issues in health care practice. The students will examine legal system and relevant statutory bodies in order to understand legislation affecting health policy and nursing practice and also gain an understanding of ethical decision making frameworks relevant to nursing.

PHP 8060 Health Policy and Management (3)

The course offers skills that are of interest to the private and public sectors, and formally acknowledges the course work that doctoral students take through. Health Policy and Management Section prepares students for leadership roles in the public and private sectors and to effectively create and implement policies and manage programs that promote the public's health with special emphasis on the diverse and rural populations and aids in development and analysis methods to address current national, state and local public health issues.