Barclay School of Law offers the Master of Legal studies (MLS) degree, which is designed for students with bachelor�s degrees, its equivalent or other advance degrees other than a law degree. The program requires 24 semester credit hours and usually takes one year for completion. Thesis requirements for the MLS and LLM are the same but students may elect to work on a specialized project. Students work on specialized projects or research projects for each course, which support the students� area of expertise.

Students are required to stay in close contact with their faculty mentor(s). Defend of thesis required. Students also have the option to select courses from the Juris Doctor program for their Master of Law degree program.

Master of Legal Studies (MLS) - 24 credits

LLM 8000 Foundation of Graduate studies (1)

LLM 8010 Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis I (5)

LLM 8020 Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis II (5) 

LLM 8030 Advanced Mixed-Methods Reasoning and Analysis (5)

LLM 8040 Practice/Practicum (3)

LLM 8850 Thesis (5)

Note: All graduate students with LLM or MLS are eligible to enroll in the Doctor of Science in Law degree (JSD) program. Students can also enroll in the programs concurrently. Students enrolled in the concurrent LL.M/JSD will have the 24 semester credits of the LLM program count towards the 65 credits semester hours required for the JSD