Cavalla International University is a Distance Learning research institution, which offers†worldwide excellent educational programs. Cavalla International university which is also†referred to as C I.U was established in 1990 as a correspondence college specializing in†providing high quality professional education to working adults who wanted to pursue a specific†area of expertise in Accounting, Business, Finance, Human Resource, Computer training and Marketing. The college continues to provide professional education on a course by course basis until 1998 when the board and faculty approved the college as a full-fledged degree granting institution. The Juris Doctorate (J.D.) and the undergraduate degrees were subsequently initiated in the same year and the college was reclassified as a university. The primary goal of the university since then has been to provide excellent professional education to busy working adults who may not be able to attend a traditional university due to family or job commitment or other issues. In 2005 the university was approved to begin its masterís programs and three years later in 2008 the board and faculty also approved the university to grant PhD Degrees. The university is an online research university and does not have any residency requirements for students. It offers professional degrees.


Cavalla International University has an excellent educational program that is world class but†very inexpensive as well as flexible to meet the needs of our busy professional students. The†university is primarily a research institution, which means studentsí academic work is achieved†through research activities and the writing of research papers. This style of learning does afford†the students to benefit from both the theory and practice of their specific area of specialization.†The degrees offered are professional degrees. The University has an open enrollment policy, students are admitted twice each month and applications are processed and evaluated as soon as†they are received so that students are placed in the next opening class. Thereafter, the students†and their assigned faculty mentor will decide which tracks or directions the students are to†pursue during their course of study at the University.