The Doctor of Science in law (JSD/PhD) program is the most advanced degree offered in law. It is designed for students who would like to engage in research, scholarly work and would like to contribute to the legal community in an outstanding way. Eligible Students for the program must possess a Master of Law (LLM) degree or a degree in Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree. It is a research program and is designed to be completed in a minimum of two years. Students are required to work with their assigned faculty mentors and their advisory committee during the program. Students are required to produce high quality researched work with original ideas that may be from an abstract or vacant perspective but with specific scope of reality. The length of the dissertation is at least 50,000 words (excluding excitations).

Doctor of Science in Law - 65 Credits

JSD 8050 Introduction to Doctoral Studies (1)

JSD 8060 Teaching and Training Course (3)

JSD 8070 Practice/Practicum (3)

JSD 8080 Research Methods, Design and Analysis (4)

JSD 8090 Strategic planning: Team Coordination, Cooperation and Collaboration (4)

JSD 9000 Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis I (5)

JSD 9010 Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis I (5)

JSD 9020 Advanced Mixed-Methods Reasoning and Analysis (5)

JSD 9030 Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis II (5)

JSD 9040 Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis II (5)

JSD 9050 Research Proposal (5)

JSD 9060 Dissertation (20)

5 research papers in the students' area of specialty (5 credits each), 5 credits research proposal and 20 credits research dissertation. All written research papers must be a minimum of 10 pages and 10,000 words each, single space, with at least 30 citations and at least eight resource materials. The dissertation will be at least 50,000 words, single space, with 120 citations and at least 20 resource materials. Students must stay in touch with their mentors.

Completion of comprehensive exam and defense of dissertation - required.

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