Cavalla International University is an excellent online university that offers research studies that are combined with practice and theory. Students are taught or guided to assimilate their theoretical knowledge with their practical skills.

The university offers wide range of professional degrees programs that are designed to stimulate the thinking of students to be critical thinkers, Leaders and researchers in their professional expertise. The programs allow our students to develop the acts of studying and conducting quality research, as well as developing the necessary skills and knowledge for their area of specialization. The programs are designed to be different from most online universities. They are designed to enable students to assimilate learned and current knowledge of their fields with the update practice of the industry with which they are associated.

Cavalla International University offers many degrees and specializations. The School of Law offers two first degrees for law schools students. The Juris Doctor degree is for students that intent to practice law or gain full understanding of the law and the Executive Juris Doctor is designed for executives or business leaders who are interested in possessing the some legal skill but with no intention of practicing law. Post graduate degrees, the Master�s of Law and the Doctorate of Science in Law are also offered at the Law School. The Harriet School of Management and Science offers Bachelor�s, Master�s and Doctoral degrees programs. Students can also request to have a specialized degree and certificate program design for them.


The university uses three approaches for the students to complete their degree program. The first approach is the research methods (independent studies approach). In this approach students enroll in individual courses, conduct research, write essays, design practical projects, take oral and written exams and work with individual mentors. The second approach is the cohort methods. In this approach, group of students enroll in the program together, attend classes together, participate in weekly lectures and discussion board comments, do the required course work as required in the first approach and complete the program together. The final approach is similar to the approach used by most traditional universities. Students enroll in individual courses and attend classes as they are available and offered on semester by semester. Students in this group do all of the required tasks mentioned in the first and second approaches.

In order to accomplish the mission, goals and objectives the university does two important things. First it hires and recruits very qualified and reputable local and international professors to provide instruction for the students� research projects, thesis and dissertations and to guide the students as mentors. For example, the professors for the Master�s and Doctoral programs are all holders of Doctorate degrees with many years of industry and professional experiences. The undergraduate programs are allowed to have Master�s degree holders as mentors, but they must possess many years of industry and professional experiences as well.

Second, the university designed its instructional methods in such a way that when a student completes a program he/she would be competent both in theoretical and practical knowledge. The mission, goals, and objectives thus provide that students completing the program must possess the required knowledge and be prepared to work in their industry. A student must have met his/her personal goals and objectives at the time of graduation.


The doctoral program at CIU is mainly a research focused program. Students admitted in the program conduct their studies through independent research activities. They research and write their required number of research thesis for their dissertation, using the Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed- Methods research strategies. Each research paper is presented in the form of a thesis and must be defended in a public setting before a doctoral committee. Some materials from the research thesis may be used for the final dissertation. Students also enroll in a teaching and training course and may be assigned a teaching course or do a practicum. The program requires at least three to four years research course work. However, the required research course work may be completed in two years, without any academic break, if the students is enrolled in the accelerated option and is committed to completing their independent research work. The doctoral students will be assigned at least two co-supervisors and three or more co-supervisors. Students are also encouraged to have at least three members advisory committee and the members should be from academics, business community and the government. Students will use their independent research activities to develop connections with their communities, cities, businesses, non-profit organizations and governments.

The doctoral level research program provides excellent learning opportunities and optimally allows the students to develop and expand their research abilities or talents. Master degree holders are eligible to apply. The program is competitive. Therefore, only students that are highly motivated and who have met the educational standards of the university will be admitted. The university invites you to take a look at its innovative approach to learning.


Cavalla International University is accredited by the �International Commission of Accreditation of Colleges and Schools (ICOAS)� and is approved by the Board of Trustees and faculty of the university to grant degrees. ICOAS is an international accrediting body.

If you are seeking a program that requires regional accreditation, please make sure to check with the requiring institution before beginning your studies at Cavalla International University. The University adheres to the educational standards and requirements of the U.S. Department of Education and complies with the rules and regulations of the Louisiana State board of regents (department of education).